2019 WORKSHOPS at Roy G. Campbell Assembly Hall in Ravine Gardens State Park!!!

9:30-10:30 History & Future of Mushroom Raising by Pat High, Festival Producer and Grower. Why raise super profitable super healthy easy to raise mushrooms in the 3rd poorest county in Florida? Why have natural mushroom areas become so politically and spiritually important?

11:00-12:30 Taylor's Big Adventure by Taylor Lockwood. One of World's Top Mushroom Photographer is showing his INCREDIBLE mushroom identification show. THE bioluminescent mushroom photography specialist! His recent bioluminescent US Postal stamp is the 1st in US history and makes him one of the few living people to have a stamp! Taylor has just returned home to Florida after a 40 show US tour. He has found the Spirits of the Forest!!! Check http://taylorlockwood.com/

Taylor Lockwood comes to Palatka, Florida for his final show on his final tour with a presentation covering highlights of his 34 year mushroom/adventure career, many new photos and video since the last tour in 2014, as well as new animations of bioluminescent and other beautiful mushrooms.

He is the author of two books and several video programs including two popular educational mushroom DVDs: The Mushroom Identification Trilogy and The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly.

He has been published by: The US Postal Service, New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Federation Magazine, Scholastic, Scientific American, and many, many, more.

1:00-2:30 Sacred Mushroom Rituals by Tom Lane. Gainesville author has written incredible book researchimg ancient mushroom rituals. Much focus is given to Latin and South American cultures particularly the Teonanacatl Ancient Aztec Sacrament which is proving to a Modern Miracle Medicine. Much medicine, science, art and religion come from ancient mushroom ritual. Coma and paralyzed folks are waking up in Psilocybes research trials. Ask Tom, the Solar Wolf, all your questions including solar and water system questions. Tom has owned a Gainesville solar business for many years! Check ~ www.thesolarwolf.com

3:00-4:30 Raising Pecan Truffles on Pecan Trees by Arthur Grupe II. Inoculating pecan seedling with pecan truffle spawn is Arthur's just completed University of Florida Ph.D thesis project. This is highly profitable cutting edge North Florida mushroom raising at it's finest! We are so lucky to have Arthur!!!


9-10:30 History & Future of Mushroom Raising by Pat High, Festival Producer and Grower.

11:00-12:30 How to Raise Mushrooms in Florida by Tradd Cotter. Started Mushroom Mountain in Easley, South Carolina, in 1996. Top mushroom teacher/raisers in the Southeast for the Southeast. Check https://mushroommountain.com.

1:00-2:30 Eat 'Em by Blue Water Bay Restaurant in Melrose, Florida. Best 5 Star restaurant in Florida! Will demonstrate gourmet mushroom preparation!

3:00-4:30 Cutting Edge Medicinal Mushroom Research by Tom Lane, author, Gainesville, FL. Major medical and psychological uses today as preventative and treatment. A New Understanding of Mushrooms!

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