Taylor Lockwood

Omplalotus subilluden, Jill O'Lantern by Taylor Lockwood, Mt. Dora, FL

Taylor Lockwood comes to Palatka, Florida for his final show on his final tour with a presentation covering highlights of his 34 year mushroom/adventure career, many new photos and video since the last tour in 2014, as well as new animations of bioluminescent and other beautiful mushrooms.

He is the author of two books and several video programs including two popular educational mushroom DVDs: The Mushroom Identification Trilogy and The Good, the Bad, and the Deadly.

He has been published by: The US Postal Service, New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic Magazine, National Wildlife Federation Magazine, Scholastic, Scientific American, and many, many, more.


1st US Bioluminescent postal stamp by Taylor Lockwood.

National Geographic Cover by Taylor Lockwood

Taylor having FUN!

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